Snow-covered pinnacles, lavish green knolls, completely clear streams, tall pine trees, the daylight splashing your path in a brilliant shine this is what the Kedarkantha trek feels like. Sorcery, that is what it seems like.


While trekking usually is considered a mid-year action, the quantity of individuals who are investigating the universe of winter trekking, or snow trekking as some really like to call it, is consistently on the rise. Whenever you consider winter treks, it is the Kedarkantha trek which has arisen as an unmistakable top choice among experienced darlings.  Above all, some data regarding this beautiful piece of the Himalayas:


About Kedarkantha

-It is situated inside the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarkashi region, in Western Garhwal area of Uttarakhand.

-Arranged at a stature of 3,810 metres (around 12,500 feet), this trekking trail covers a merged distance of 20 kilometres.

-Best an ideal opportunity to visit is the cold weather months, for example from November to February, with the last snow present as late as April.

-The closest significant city is Dehradun, around 220km from Sankri, the beginning stage of the trek. Dehradun additionally has the closest railroad station, which is situated in the focal point of the city, and the closest Airport is Jolly Grant Airport, which is situated around 22km southeast of Dehradun.


The Kedarkantha Trek

The Kedarkantha trek begins from Sankri, which is a curious little spot in the lower regions at an elevation of 6,400 feet. The principal significant stop is the point at which one arrives at Jadu Ka Talab, which is situated around 9,100 feet high and requires around 5 hours by walking from Sankri. This first stretch gives one an example of the bountiful excellence which anticipates the trekkers ahead. It offers the lovely pine woodlands and maple trees for which Kedarkantha is renowned, with staggering glades and streams coating the path. Jadu Ka Talab is the primary camping area on this trek; here you can go through the evening and get refreshed for the following stretch the next day.


Next up is the trek to Kedarkantha base, up at 11,250 feet and a ways off of 4.5km. Along this stretch is the place where you experience interestingly the sumptuous and beguiling 360 degrees perspectives on snow-covered highest points surrounding you. The camping area at Kedarkantha base is quite possibly the most wonderful campgrounds that any trek in Indium brings to the table, and is an optimal spot to lay your tent, make a few Maggi and require your night’s rest.


The following and last objective is the Kedarkantha top, which is arranged at an elevation of 12,500 feet. Also the perspectives you experience on the way lastly at the pinnacle are unmatched in excellence and grandness. The Himalayas introduce themselves in the entirety of their magnificence here, and trekkers observe the experience generally fulfilling.


Subsequent to arriving at the top, it’s an excursion back to the ground where the main stop would be Horegaon Camp. It offers one more appealing camping area and can fill in as your night-stop. 


For what reason is Kedarkantha Trek Special?


Where do I begin?


-Above all else, it is a respectably simple trek, which regardless is among the most beautiful. It basically offers an extraordinary profit from interest (as far as exertion and ability expected) for most trekkers, and particularly for amateurs)

-An aggregate of 13 pinnacles, that is what you experience during this trek. 

-To this end the camping areas on this trek are presumed to be among the most eminent. 

-There are enchanting little towns generally through the path where the occupants are cordial. 


Tips for Beginners

-Actual wellness has very little to do with achieving the trek. In the event that you have the will to trek up a mountain, you definitely will actually want to. However, actual wellness certainly is a benefit.

-Practice a couple of days before the trek to have the option to finish the trek without a hitch.

-Right shoes can represent the moment of truth of your trek. Try not to consider saving money on the shoes, purchase the right ones.

-Be ready to be withdrawn from loved ones as you wont get signals on mountains. I’m happy at least the mountains are saved.

-Try not to expect extravagance while on a trek in conditions of tents and food. Fundamentals are extravagance in mountains, embrace it!

The drive to Sankri to – Kedarkantha trek starts from that point

Like my other itinerary items, the arrangement to endeavour Kedarkantha trek was imprudent as well . I flew from Bangalore to Delhi and joined my companion Rajiv on the train to Dehradun. I met Akanksha, a companion from school at Dehradun station and thought again on our not super great actual wellness. 


Trek to Juda Ka Talab, Kedarkantha

We were given a preparation of Do’s and Don’ts of trekking prior to hitting our agreeable beds that evening. The ideas like AMS, ice nibble, the right layers of apparel to be worn and substantially more were clarified exhaustively. In Fact the preparation gave me goosebumps and left me doubtful with regards to the trek however it’s great to know and afterward be ready for circumstances other than to be left visually impaired collapsed.


From Juda Ka Talab, trek to Kedarkantha Campsite.


Next morning, I peeped out of the tent to observe 3 feet of snow in front of our tent. I was happy that we endured the friggin cold evening. We had the outright honour of hot tea and breakfast prior to going to the Kedarkantha headquarters.

We followed the trek chief and attempted to follow the new path. It was very burdening to stroll in 3 feet of snow. I would frequently stagger down and fall in the snow. The 3 kms till Kedarkantha headquarters was overwhelming for me. From a good way, snow cover hoped to be spread till the skyline.