Snow-covered pinnacles, lavish green knolls, completely clear streams, tall pine trees, the daylight splashing your path in a brilliant shine this is what the Kedarkantha trek feels like. Sorcery, that is what it seems like.


While trekking usually is considered a mid-year action, the quantity of individuals who are investigating the universe of winter trekking, or snow trekking as some really like to call it, is consistently on the rise. Whenever you consider winter treks, it is the Kedarkantha trek which has arisen as an unmistakable top choice among experienced darlings.  Above all, some data regarding this beautiful piece of the Himalayas:


About Kedarkantha

-It is situated inside the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarkashi region, in Western Garhwal area of Uttarakhand.

-Arranged at a stature of 3,810 metres (around 12,500 feet), this trekking trail covers a merged distance of 20 kilometres.

-Best an ideal opportunity to visit is the cold weather months, for example from November to February, with the last snow present as late as April.

-The closest significant city is Dehradun, around 220km from Sankri, the beginning stage of the trek. Dehradun additionally has the closest railroad station, which is situated in the focal point of the city, and the closest Airport is Jolly Grant Airport, which is situated around 22km southeast of Dehradun.


The Kedarkantha Trek

The Kedarkantha trek begins from Sankri, which is a curious little spot in the lower regions at an elevation of 6,400 feet. The principal significant stop is the point at which one arrives at Jadu Ka Talab, which is situated around 9,100 feet high and requires around 5 hours by walking from Sankri. This first stretch gives one an example of the bountiful excellence which anticipates the trekkers ahead. It offers the lovely pine woodlands and maple trees for which Kedarkantha is renowned, with staggering glades and streams coating the path. Jadu Ka Talab is the primary camping area on this trek; here you can go through the evening and get refreshed for the following stretch the next day.


Next up is the trek to Kedarkantha base, up at 11,250 feet and a ways off of 4.5km. Along this stretch is the place where you experience interestingly the sumptuous and beguiling 360 degrees perspectives on snow-covered highest points surrounding you. The camping area at Kedarkantha base is quite possibly the most wonderful campgrounds that any trek in Indium brings to the table, and is an optimal spot to lay your tent, make a few Maggi and require your night’s rest.


The following and last objective is the Kedarkantha top, which is arranged at an elevation of 12,500 feet. Also the perspectives you experience on the way lastly at the pinnacle are unmatched in excellence and grandness. The Himalayas introduce themselves in the entirety of their magnificence here, and trekkers observe the experience generally fulfilling.


Subsequent to arriving at the top, it’s an excursion back to the ground where the main stop would be Horegaon Camp. It offers one more appealing camping area and can fill in as your night-stop. 


For what reason is Kedarkantha Trek Special?


Where do I begin?


-Above all else, it is a respectably simple trek, which regardless is among the most beautiful. It basically offers an extraordinary profit from interest (as far as exertion and ability expected) for most trekkers, and particularly for amateurs)

-An aggregate of 13 pinnacles, that is what you experience during this trek. 

-To this end the camping areas on this trek are presumed to be among the most eminent. 

-There are enchanting little towns generally through the path where the occupants are cordial. 


Tips for Beginners

-Actual wellness has very little to do with achieving the trek. In the event that you have the will to trek up a mountain, you definitely will actually want to. However, actual wellness certainly is a benefit.

-Practice a couple of days before the trek to have the option to finish the trek without a hitch.

-Right shoes can represent the moment of truth of your trek. Try not to consider saving money on the shoes, purchase the right ones.

-Be ready to be withdrawn from loved ones as you wont get signals on mountains. I’m happy at least the mountains are saved.

-Try not to expect extravagance while on a trek in conditions of tents and food. Fundamentals are extravagance in mountains, embrace it!

The drive to Sankri to – Kedarkantha trek starts from that point

Like my other itinerary items, the arrangement to endeavour Kedarkantha trek was imprudent as well . I flew from Bangalore to Delhi and joined my companion Rajiv on the train to Dehradun. I met Akanksha, a companion from school at Dehradun station and thought again on our not super great actual wellness. 


Trek to Juda Ka Talab, Kedarkantha

We were given a preparation of Do’s and Don’ts of trekking prior to hitting our agreeable beds that evening. The ideas like AMS, ice nibble, the right layers of apparel to be worn and substantially more were clarified exhaustively. In Fact the preparation gave me goosebumps and left me doubtful with regards to the trek however it’s great to know and afterward be ready for circumstances other than to be left visually impaired collapsed.


From Juda Ka Talab, trek to Kedarkantha Campsite.


Next morning, I peeped out of the tent to observe 3 feet of snow in front of our tent. I was happy that we endured the friggin cold evening. We had the outright honour of hot tea and breakfast prior to going to the Kedarkantha headquarters.

We followed the trek chief and attempted to follow the new path. It was very burdening to stroll in 3 feet of snow. I would frequently stagger down and fall in the snow. The 3 kms till Kedarkantha headquarters was overwhelming for me. From a good way, snow cover hoped to be spread till the skyline.



The following are 10 motivations behind why Nag Tibba is viewed as truly outstanding and simple treks for amateurs


Simple Terrain:

The path is a simple one and doesn’t allow you to invest any careful energy to arrive at the top. When you arrive at the Pantwari town on the lower regions of Garhwal, which is the beginning stage of this trek, you won’t track down any precarious slants to move till the highest point. The way is smooth which makes it an ideal trekking experience for novices.

Complete The Trek In A Short Span Of Time:

Trekking is a tomfoolery experience whenever managed without extending yourself to an extreme. Nag Tibba trek can be finished in a little while. In the event that you are arranging an end of the week trip with some experience, this is the best one for you. You should start your excursion from Dehradun to Pantwari. Start your trek from Pantwari partaking in the stunning perspectives on the way appreciating which you will arrive at the Nag Tibba sanctuary.


A Trek Full Of Surprises And Satisfaction :

This trek brings a great deal of treats for you. From the wildernesses, lavish vegetation, excellent scenery you will immediately observe the snowfall and astonishing perspective on the snow covered mountains… The Nag Tibba Trek is an ideal area that has everything! You will be awed by how much excellence this spot embraces.


You Can Even Explore Mussoorie While Embarking On This Trek :

Explore the wonderful slope station Mussoorie en route to Nag Tibba. Mussoorie is a famous vacationer location that is set at the lower regions of Garhwal Himalayan Ranges. This spot is otherwise called the ‘Sovereign Of The Hills’. You can invest some energy in Mussoorie encountering the interesting climate and views of this spot prior to proceeding with your excursion till Nag Tibba.



Another explanation that makes this trek wonderful is the availability in transit. There are towns exceptionally close to this trekking point. In the event that you are a novice and feel that you can’t keep climbing, you can undoubtedly advance back to the town or regardless of whether you feel some sort of clinical issue then, at that point, assist with being given to you immediately.


Experience The Complete Himalayan Trek :

The Himalayan reaches are extremely wonderful and threatening. Assuming you have a desire to climb the Himalayan culmination however dread the long climbs and astonishing path, then, at that point, Nag Tibba Trek is the most effective way to fulfil your inclination. This is a short trek offering every one of the pleasant perspectives that you expect when you go for a Himalayan trek.


The Final View From The Summit :

The culmination is the principle fascination of any trek. You set forth all the energy of ascending till the top to become mixed up in the exciting perspective from the pinnacle. It is the most astounding inclination on the planet when you basically respect the gigantic magnificence of nature in absolute quietness, failing to remember all the turmoil of everyday life. What’s more, on this trek, you won’t require an excess of time or exercise to accomplish such a second. As the trek is short and simple, it will be a smooth encounter for you. This trek additionally has a strict importance as the way that you take is referenced in the strict books and the actual pinnacle is likewise of fanciful significance.


Wonderful Trek For All Seasons :

The Nag Tibba trek is one of the most outstanding treks that should be possible in all seasons. During winters, you will observe weighty snowfall and snow covering the way of your trek. The scene looks totally grand with snow under your feet and roosted on wonderful wilderness trees. In mid-year, a similar view is covered with splendid shaded blossoms and rhododendrons. 


No Need To Go Through Extensive Fitness Routine :

Because of being a short trek, you simply need to prepare your body to essential wellness level before you start this excursion. There is no compelling reason to go through hard arrangements and a tedious wellness routine for the trek.


Entrancing Camping Site :

The camps are set up at the edge of the woods from where you can partake in a beautiful view. This makes the trekking experience a noteworthy one. From the campground, you can see the most lovely nightfall and the changing shade of sky. Nag Tibba camping area will in a flash be included in your rundown of top choices.




The Sar Pass Trek is perhaps the most excellent Himalayan trek situated in Himachal Pradesh and there are a few motivations to do the Sar Pass Trek. Sar Pass is a mountain pass (takes after an edge) that is arranged in the Parvati Valley of the Kullu region. The rich and lovely Parvati Valley runs eastwards from the intersection point of waterway Beas and stream Parvati. The significance of “Sar” in the nearby language is Lake. The trekkers in all actuality do need to pass a little and generally frozen lake while trekking in the middle of the Tila Lotni and Biskeri edge, during the trek. It is one of the most simple treks in India.


To do the Sar Pass trek, you should reach Bhuntar. It is available by the two parkways as well as via air. Aside from the beautiful all encompassing perspectives on cold mountains and a charming valley, trekkers likewise partake in the sparkling streams, bright blossoms, butterflies, scope of high elevation birds, hanging ice sheets, and other lovely normal manifestations during their excursion to Sar Pass.


Kasol (situated on the banks of waterway Parvati), is the town from where the trek to the Sar Pass Valley begins. It is just 30 kilometres from Bhuntar. The melange of self-acknowledgement and adventurism on the Himalayan surface is extraordinary and significant in more than one way.


The Sar Pass positions among the simple to direct treks in India. It has the best attractions for both National and global sightseers.


The following are 7 justifications for why you ought to go to Sar Pass trek this Christmas season.

  1. Wellbeing Ensured

The Sar Pass trek is arranged at the stature of around 12,500 feet (approx. 3810 metres). The climate can be astonishing for large numbers of the trekkers and sightseers particularly assuming they are amateurs at trekking in the Himalayas. JustWravel, as a main visit organiser administrations, completes an undeniable acclimatisation program. We do this with the goal that the soundness of trekkers isn’t in question.


We additionally have for you every one of the fundamental guides and units including mountaineering gear, crisis oxygen chamber pack, clinical boxes, camping area things including tents and kitchenware, donkeys and watchmen, and all the other things you want for a protected and agreeable trek.


The trekkers will get prepared in angles connected with rock climbing and rappelling, and face the holding meetings so they can get more significant information and complete the trek effectively.


  1. Astounding Panoramic Views and Sceneries

Any trek in the Himalayas has the most wonderful scenes to be caught. The transcending snow tops, rich green and dim timberlands, delightful hanging valleys, streams having perfectly clear waters, and extraordinary fauna and vegetation are a portion of the explanations behind doing the Sar Pass trek.


You will be intrigued by the normal excellence of the rhododendron on plants, and the coniferous and pine trees. An enormous assortment of vivid blossoms are local to this district. Other eminent trees of the area incorporate tidy, fir, and deodar. You can likewise find here the uncommon restorative plants including Brahma Kamal (Saussurea Obvallata) and Hath Panja (Dactylorhiza Hatagirea).


  1. Campgrounds

You will get a pleasant and paramount chance to go through your night at the campsites inside the Alpine tents. This is an entrancing encounter to go through a night out and what you feel may not be expressed.


You will actually want to de-stress yourself and unwind inside the normal environmental elements. You will lie under a sky loaded with stars. While the advanced camping area tents have everything to cause you to feel great, the environmental elements may likewise have the sparkling streams, dim backwoods, a scope of normal natural surroundings, rock, and different territories and significantly more.


The brilliant butterflies and blossoms, cascades, lakes, glades, poppies and orchids, and intriguing fauna including Musk deer are a portion of the features of a campground at the Himalayas.


  1. Reasonable For Beginners

The best thing about the Sar Pass trek is that it tends to be effectively achieved by the novices also. On a trouble scale, it exists in the simple to direct trouble range. You won’t have any issues while trekking assuming you are having great wellbeing and do practices routinely.


In any case, it is fitting that you go through a legitimate clinical assessment under the management of an enlisted doctor. This will guarantee that you are good for the trek. There are likewise the acclimatisation programs. They further lessen the likelihood of the event of any untoward episode.


  1. Kanwar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Kanwar natural life asylum makes a piece of the Shivalik Range of Himalayas. It is delightfully spread over around 60 square kilometres of region. The Wildlife Sanctuary is additionally arranged in a similar Parvati Valley, which is home to the Sar Pass.


One can observe a scope of uncommon endangered and colourful species here. For example, the interesting and bright bird populace incorporates the White-cheeked Tit and the Cheer Pheasant. There are in excess of 30 mammalian species and more noteworthy than 200 types of lovely birds at this spot.


  1. Manikaran

The lovely unassuming community of Manikaran is situated a ways off of around 4 kilometres from Kasol. It is one of the most outstanding normal areas of interest (in a real sense!) and objections that draw in vacationers from everywhere in the world. You will track down a few natural aquifers around here in the Himalayas.


In light of the enormous advantages of this normal asset, a geothermal plant has additionally been laid out here by the Government of India. The town is sacrosanct to the two Sikhs and Hindus.


  1. The Extraordinary Culture

While the wonderful perspectives at the Sar Pass edge are adequately dazzling, you may likewise observe the social magnificence of the various towns that you see during the Sar Pass trek. You might track down specific remarkable traditions and ceremonies at this spot.