The term biodiversity is the learning of a variety of animals, human beings, plants and trees, and marine life that makes up a whole diverse environment. Every species is dependent on each other for survival and to maintain the balance in the environment. For supporting this environment, it needs a healthy ecosystem. But with the increasing advancement of human brains and technology, the life of the ecosystem is degrading day by day. That is why schools, colleges, and universities are offering compulsory courses on Environmental Science to bring awareness among the students from the beginning itself. Assignments on environmental science become easier when you search for assignment helpers online. You can find do my assignment and there will be plenty of options for you. Their services are easy to use and your credentials are always secured within them.

  • Habitat destruction-

You come across various constructions, large buildings, croplands, etc, that take place due to human needs. People need shelter and for their satisfaction, they destroy natural habitats. Cutting trees is the root cause of habitat destruction. The more technologies are advancing the more destruction is taking place. According to sources only a quarter of land areas and one-third of oceans are left undamaged by human activities.

  • Over-exploitation-

The unlimited want for resources such as oil, and minerals is continuing to destroy all the natural habitats. Over-exploitation occurs when you notice overfishing, intensive agriculture, and non-sustainable forest management. You may often hear news about wildlife poaching which is a serious threat to the extinction of rare species of animals.

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  • Climate change-

Due to the continuous production of greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide, you face pollution every day in your life. Our planet is on the verge of a climate crisis because of the greenhouse effect. Have you ever wondered how the coral reefs inside the oceans play a vital role in supporting an ecosystem? If the coral reefs start to disappear, gradually the ecosystem will decline at the same time. If you have visited places that haven’t experienced rainfall for years is because of the effect on the climate.

  • Pollution-

Pollution is one of the common and the major concern of the planet. Air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution are becoming increasingly serious issues. If necessary, actions are not taken on time, it may lead to serious issues causing numerous problems for many.

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  • Over-population-

As you know the increasing population has been an issue for a very long time. The overpopulation may cause scarcity of food materials, over requirements of water, shelter, and social amenities. This will ultimately affect your lifestyle and contribute to environmental deterioration. Overpopulation is caused due to immigration, the decline in mortality rates, medical breakthroughs, and increased birth rates.

Environmental crimes will not only impact the ecosystem but will greatly affect human life. The loss of biodiversity can leave its footprint on human health conditions, unemployment, lower income generation, etc. So, every human must maintain the balance of the biodiversity surrounding us.

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