Bandana isn’t a new thing. It belongs to a long-bygone era of Romans and Greeks. 

It’s a plain or printed squared piece of cotton that people earlier used to keep in back pockets, wrap around foreheads, cover the head or mouth, and even wipe noses. We have seen sailors, seafarers, farmers, cowboys, bikers, miners, gang members, and even LGBT people wearing bandanas for ages. 

This two-tone paisley-printed cotton cambric cloth has come a long way, at times representing political campaigns and patriotism and, at other times, advertising popular culture in silk and cashmere blends and other twentieth-century products. Go Trending News brings you the latest trending news, viral videos, viral memes, the world’s top trending news, today’s trending events, and fashion trends.

However, today, the trend has massively changed. By the day it entered modern western civilization’s wardrobe, it had totally transformed into a fashion. Despite a useful carry-along piece of cloth, people carry it to slay in style. 

If I talk about today’s fashion, women tie it around their purse handles, necks, foreheads, hair, and much more. There are infinite ways to style this roughly 20by20 inch cloth.

We will be reading all the styles one by one.

Bandanas As A Fashion Accessory!

Well, if we talk about the origination of the word bandana, it came from a Hindi word and means ‘to tie”. Fast forward to today, this colored square now associates with a variety of subcultures. 

And in the fashion world, you can opt to wear a bandana with nearly anything. You can go casual, fashionable, sporty, glamorous, or even corporate industry bigwig.

We have found many celebrities wearing a head-covering accouterment in the past two years. And this trend scale is on a continuous rise. 

In 2019, Bella Hadid jazzed up in a red silk bandana while making her way to the seashore. The most viral departing couple, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, were donning the bandanas on their faces while proceeding to court in London in 2020. 

And post the COVID-19 pandemic revival, fitted masked became so last season. Covering face masks with a bandana is now resting in vogue.

Cute Bandanas For Hair And Fashion!

This ’80s and 90’s peak fashion accessory has taken the world by storm in 2022. Just right when you presumed no other accouterments were left to lure the world, cute bandanas for hair emerged on the runways. If you have ever visited Hunter Christian’s website, you must have come across beautiful neck scarves and bandanas that jazz up your fashion game. 

Ways to style your head bandana for hair:

  • Make two diagonal ends meet and make a triangle. Wrap the hypotenuse side of the folded bandana around your forehead and ends to the backward. Make the double knot, keeping your locks open up front. 
  • Style your hair and make a bun. Now, fold your head bandana diagonally, as many times as you want. Do the direct opposite as said above, wrap the bandana underneath your bun and come up front. Now make a knot on top of your head. Trying this style can exert off the charts glamorous look. Moreover, most recently, Rihana styled her bandana in the signature Tupac style, in the exact same style I just mentioned.
  • Undercovering all of your face with an oversized shade is the of-late trend when trying to conceal one’s identity. Thus, you can go incognito while keeping up with the top fashion trends. Moreover, undercover styles suit best during cold weather days.
  • Make a ponytail and wrap a bandana around it. This will add an adorable touch to your ensemble. 

#Casual style tip: go for barely-there tops and too-tight jeans and pair the look with Hunter Christian’s one of the KO Bandanas. To get more creative, style women’s bandana head scarf as a tank top and slay in confidence. Graphic prints in solid hues offered by Hunter Christian are quite chic and versatile in color.

Hunter Christian: Bandanas For Women

With its elegant, innovative, luxurious, and bold styling, HunterChristain is a new and exciting San Francisco-based couture brand. HunterChristian products are timeless and designed for the way you live.

This brand liberates you from trends, labels, and expectations. The perfect infusion of colors, patterns, and textures makes this brand unique, and us want some. The bold designs and vibrant colors are surefire to make your way into the fashion world.

Moreover, bandanas can raise a voice. You can collectively wear a bandana and send a sign to the world like 2017’s sensational #TiedTogether hashtag, which emphasized considering humankind’s common bonds — regardless of race, sexuality, gender, or religion”. 

In a nutshell, bandanas for women are a cute fashion trend that has had a great comeback from the ’80s and ’90s. Besides, its trend is on fleek among American and European fashionistas, savants, and designers. Moreover, celebrities have been seen in unique and trendy fashion scarves now and then.

Thus, these accessories are worth investing in now.

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