A nursery school is a stepping stone in any child’s academic career. This is where they begin to learn about their surroundings, understand new concepts, and develop skills. Thus, choosing the best nursery school makes all the difference in a child’s life.

Early childhood is the most important phase that leads to physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development in a child. And if there is a lack of proper care, then it can lead to various problems, including diseases, intellectual retardation, obesity, and more. 

Thus, this phase cannot be ignored. This is where the best nursery in Dubai provides the support a child would need. 

4 Reasons why Nursery School is Essential

Often parents think that their child might need a pre-foundation to succeed later, and a nursery grants them this opportunity. It provides an environment to express and learn in a healthy way. 

If you think about why you must decide to take your child to a best nursery in jlt, then get to know about the potential reasons from the experts.

1. Nurtures their creative mind

You must agree with the fact that during early childhood, a child is full of imagination and curious about everything around them. Joining a nursery helps them to develop communication skills and encourages their curious minds. Further, they get support to correct their behaviour and develop their thoughts. 

The best nursery and the right kind of interactions act as fuel to their learning and exploration. This also promotes language and cognitive skills. Moreover, they learn to face challenges and solve problems. 

2. Help the child to make decisions

When a child gets admission to a nursery school, they get exposure to an independent environment. They do not get their mom and dad to make a decision for them. Rather, they learn how to decide when to visit the washroom, how to talk to peers, where to keep the toys, how to have a snack, etc., without anybody’s help. 

At a nursery, the only support a child gets is from the professional staff. They learn about authoritative people and how to follow directions. Here, they also learn to make positive choices and differentiate between good and bad. 

3. Get the basic education

It is being said that the curriculum followed at the nursery school prepares a child for further academic levels. Here a child gets to learn the basics, such as the alphabet, numbers, and calculations. 

The concept of learning begins through playful acts, making it fun, exciting, and easy to understand for the child. Moreover, this also helps to understand how the child would respond to the advancing levels of education. 

4. Grow socially and emotionally 

When a child goes to a nursery school, they get to meet peers from different backgrounds. They get exposure to different languages, religious practices, etc. Here, they learn to make friends and understand empathy and sympathy. Moreover, they get the proper direction between wrong and right. 

At preschool, they are taught how to control their emotions and channel them on the right path. Also, they understand the importance of values and morals in their daily life. This would help them to become better human beings in the future.

5. Physical and mental development

At a nursery school, the child goes through a routine where they practice ample activities, starting from running, jumping, etc. These are designed to help them in their growing phase so that they can stay physically and mentally fit. 

Mostly, these activities are performed in groups. They engage in story-telling, listening activities, drawing, cutting with scissors, and other structured lessons. Thus, this also helps them to understand teamwork, and eventually, some even pick a hobby, be it in sports or any other activity.


The best nursery in sports city provides the space to go through a dynamic change, where the children get to understand the world, the people, and their needs and desires. They pave their path toward a successful future. 

Moreover, they also learn to respect others’ options and understand the importance of sensitivity. The nursery has always been an important aspect of a child’s life, and parents must comprehend and pick the one that serves the right intent.


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