Customers are the most important thing for any business. Without them, there is no reason to offer products or services. To be able to close the deal in the future, businesses need to search for customers early on. This is where leads, which are key components of this process, come in.

This article will explain what are leads in digital marketing and how you can get them to grow your company.


What exactly is a lead?

A lead, also known as a potential customer, is a person interested in the product/service you are selling. This type of potential customer is crucial for your sales process.

It will allow you to identify the users of the product or service that interests them. Companies get leads from many sources. They then follow up with each to determine if the potential customers are a good match for what they’re selling.

However, Not all people who visit your website or follow you on social media can be considered leads. These people should not be confused with visitors or subscribers.

  •  Visitors refer to people who visit your website within a specified period. Although they aren’t frequent visitors, you can be sure that they have been there before.
  •  Subscribers refer to those who sign up for your newsletter and then follow you on social media. They may initially just want informational content. They may not be aware that they have a problem and need a solution.
  •  These leads are users of your website and those in your network who are actually within reach of the company. These people often contact you to find out more about a product or service.

You can also use their personal information, usually, their email address, to create strategies and take action to get them to purchase your product or service.


Why is it important for your business to have leads?

A key component of any company’s sales strategy is lead generation. It’s difficult to identify the potential customers and leads that will fill your sales funnel.

Sales actions cannot be directed at a specific target if a lead does not exist. It is more difficult to close the sale cycle because it is more difficult for someone to know that they are looking for someone.


How to get leads that will help your business

Now how to get free leads for my business? Different lead capture strategies are suitable for different business models in the world of online advertising.

There are only one or two combinations that can be used. Here’s a list of the possible combinations:


Social networks

Social media is a great way to generate business leads. You can personalize your customer experience by running an ad campaign via Facebook or Instagram, and even exchanging direct messages with them.


Paid ads

Search engine marketing may not be the best way to generate leads but it is very effective. This is a great way to keep your sales funnel full and make it easier to get leads.


Email marketing

When a visitor to your website signs up and leaves his email address, you have the best weapon to convert him into an actual lead. Emails are a direct, easy, inexpensive, non-invasive, and fast way to keep in touch until he closes the sale.


Content creation

You can engage potential customers with content creation through blogs, infographics, and webinars.

If you provide informative and interesting content in the industry you work in, your followers will likely turn into potential leads who are willing to purchase your products or services because they trust you.



Retargeting can be used to keep a visitor to your website on your radar, and to encourage them to return to your site to purchase (or subscribe) more often.