Eyelashes grow like our hair. Your upper and lower lashes grow in three stages.

Recognizing anagen, telogen, and catagen will help you grow natural eyelashes.

Let’s examine eyelash growth stages:

Anagen Phase: Eyelashes develop during this two-week phase. The root follicles generate eyelashes, which will not come back if they fall out.

Telogen Phase: Since your lashes are resting on your lash line, growth is slower than in the anagen phase. It lasts four to nine months but varies by person.

Catagen Phase: For 2-3 weeks, the hair follicle root shrinks, hardens, and falls out, allowing a new lash to form.

Some eyelashes will be ascending, resting, or in the catagen process.

You can avoid premature lash fallout during the anagen and telogen phases, but not during catagen or decay.

How can I prevent eyelash loss during Anagen and Telogen?

You may not realise it, but your mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow may be too harsh for your eyelashes, thinning them and making them more likely to fall out.

Do a patch test before switching makeup brands, and if you use waterproof mascara every day, switch to non-waterproof because it’s drying and hard to remove, causing your lashes to fall out prematurely and stunting their growth.

Even if you wear waterproof eye makeup, clean it gently at night to keep it waterproof, or remove it before bed.

Be careful when removing artificial eyelashes or extensions because they can pull out your real lashes.

If you apply makeup often, make-up build-up can damage your lashes over time.

Avoid rubbing your eyes too hard and sleep on your back as much as possible to avoid falling asleep from your eyelids rubbing on your tummy.

How Do You Grow Eyelashes During Anagen and Telogen?

Your lashes will naturally grow during each stage, but things including lack of nutrients, skin pressure, makeup, and lash drying may impede their growth.

You may cure these concerns by making small, free lifestyle modifications.

Protein-rich foods for lashes include:

Iron is a trace element our bodies need, although certain people may be lacking. Eyelashes will hurry through the anagen phase and enter the slower telogen phase without this trace component.

To combat this, eat iron-rich foods like spinach, salmon, dried fruits, and beans.

Almonds, broccoli, kale, and onions are biotin-rich and help build Keratin, a hair protein, so eat them to increase your lashes.

If these items don’t improve your diet, ask your doctor about supplements.

Lashes love moisturisers.

If you find your lashes drying out, moisturise them.

Use market-available eyelash-moisturising gels. Vitamin E oil, coconut oil, and castor oil can also moisturise your lashes and promote blood circulation and eyelash growth.

Buy eyelash-growth products.

You may not have time to try different home cures to grow your lashes. If you need speedy results for an occasion, buy an eyelash growth serum like Careprost online, which will show effects in two weeks with daily us


Vitamin-E and Biotin serums lengthen eyelashes.

Careprost or Bimat, for instance, will grow your eyelashes faster, thicker, and darker while protecting your eyes.

Tired eyes don’t grow eyelashes, so get adequate sleep.