The Credit Health report is a self-explanatory service that will help you comprehend your credit report. At an additional service cost, Bajaj Finserv will provide an expert/agent advisory to assist you in addressing any questions. The expert/advisory call will only provide advice in relation to your credit information/score/report. You agree that a Bajaj Finserv advisory professional will assist you in understanding your credit health report, including the various sorts of information contained in your credit health report. Our Credit Pro Service will also analyse and assist you in comprehending the numerous parameters/factors influencing your credit health.

You can use the Credit Pro / Credit Health Report Services for a fee, which Bajaj Finserv will charge at its sole discretion. Bajaj Finserv maintains the right to refuse service.

You can use the Credit Pro / Credit Health Report Services for a fee, which Bajaj Finserv will charge at its sole discretion. Bajaj Finserv maintains the right to decide such charges/fees and to make modifications to them at any moment without prior notification. Furthermore, any rates indicated to you are exclusive of any applicable taxes, which you will be charged in addition at the current tax rate.

Now that Bajaj Finserv has started the credit pass services, you can get your credit health report using the credit pass. Bajaj Finserv Ltd has launched a credit pass in collaboration with TransUnion Cibil. This is a novel new service that allows customers to check their credit scores and track their financial health. The service is offered for Rs 99 per year.

Before issuing secured and unsecured credit, such as loans and credit cards, lenders, including banks and non-banking financial organisations (NBFCs), often examine credit scores. A high credit score is thought to indicate creditworthiness, and vice versa.

Users must first log in to the Bajaj Finserv website and select the credit pass option. Users will be requested to provide their cell phone number to establish a one-time password before continuing with the registration by entering their name and permanent account number (PAN). Finally, they must pay the fee.

Customers will receive their unique credit pass number once registration is complete. Users can then log in to their accounts and access the dashboard to view their credit score. Their credit health report, account overview, calculators, and offers will all be available on the dashboard.

What exactly is a credit pass?

Credit Pass, a first-of-its-kind subscription powered by India’s largest credit bureau CIBIL, was recently launched by Bajaj Finserv to help our customers gain real-time access to their Credit Health Reports, track their repayment history, and receive a slew of offers on loans, credit cards, and other financial products.

Customers can check their credit score as many times as they wish and examine their financial status using programmes such as Credit Score Simulator.

The Bajaj Finserv Credit Pass allows you to monitor and analyse your credit health. You may sign up for the Credit Pass in less than two minutes. You will be issued a 12-digit unique number that will allow you to check your credit score as often as you like.

Your Credit Pass also includes information to assist you in improving your credit score and increasing your chances of obtaining a loan or credit card.

Benefits of Credit Pass

  • Summary of credit-scoring factors: The credit pass would allow users to track their loan repayment, credit history, loan inquiries, and other information.
  • Credit pass provides you with quick access to your credit health report. The credit health report provides you with an overview of all your accounts as well as the elements influencing your credit score, such as credit inquiries, repayment history, and more. It is critical that you have this information on hand to decide whether you can easily receive a loan or a credit card.
  • Unlimited credit score checks: Customers can check their credit scores at any time without affecting their score. Monitoring the credit score on a regular basis is a good habit that will enable subscribers to take corrective action to enhance their credit score.
  • Customers also have access to interactive tools, such as the credit score simulator, which help them assess the potential impact of taking out a loan or a credit card. 
  • Customized dashboard: Customers can also gain access to their personalised dashboard, which provides a one-stop summary of their ongoing credit cards and loans, repayment history, and other vital information.
  • Customers can also access ready offers on loans and credit cards from Bajaj Finance.

Process to apply for credit pass

  • Step 1: Sign up for the Credit Pass by clicking the Sign-up button at the top of this page.
  • Step 2: Provide your basic information, such as your name and phone number.
  • Step 3: Confirm your identity using an OTP delivered to your cell phone.
  • Step 4: You will be redirected to the payment page where you will have to finish the payment for the Pass
  • Step 5: Pay a small payment of Rs. 99 to purchase your Credit Pass

You may now access your Credit Pass account. See your Credit Pass dashboard, your credit score, and your report. Your Pass has a one-year validity period. 


The Bajaj Finserv Credit Pass can assist clients in making better financial decisions and managing their finances more effectively. Customers can enhance their credit ratings by routinely monitoring their credit scores and identifying any changes or inaccuracies that may influence their creditworthiness. Consumers can also take advantage of pre-approved loan offers to gain quick and easy access to finances.

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