Today, participation in the exhibition is not easy. However, exhibitions are a great opportunity to promote your business and network with the industry. You don’t want to miss this opportunity. After all, an exhibition stand design is a way to promote your company and stand out from the competition and leave an unforgettable impression on the recipients. We’ve worked on dozens of exhibition stands, so here are our top tips to keep in mind when planning your exhibition stand design.

Branding Theme

When planning an exhibition, ensure that the brand name is visible and consistent throughout the exhibition stand design and construction, be it a banner, wall, paintings, design materials, etc. The presented content should be attractive, colorful, eye-catching, and distributed over the design area of ​​the stand.

Involve visitors at the stand

After successfully attracting visitors to your stand, your next goal is to retain them. This is possible with these 4 tips:

  • Offer refreshments: Offering water or chocolates works well, giving employees more time to interact.
  • Have well-trained staff: When the staff is professional and speaks well, it is very difficult for a visitor to end a conversation midway.
  • Receive live event updates: Another way to generate curiosity is to participate in live online promotions. Uploading photos from live events or live streams to social media platforms will do wonders for your brand’s online marketing.
  • Merchandising: Personalized diaries, pens, or other stationery will attract more visitors. In addition, merchandising promotes brand recall among visitors.

Brand Visibility

Space side by side is visibility. When you attend an exhibition filled with hundreds of stands, try to do something to stand out and catch as many eyes as possible.

You can easily achieve this by using premium branding, eye-catching graphics with a clear brand message, and thinking about the direction of traffic flow – another reason why knowing where you stand is so important.

Strategically place your logo and brand message to accommodate the increased flow of visitors. Remember that the more people you can see your message clearly during a walk, the more people you will reach.

Keep your brand consistency

An exhibition stand is a unique element of a company’s marketing strategy. Therefore, the design of each showcase must be consistent with all of the company’s other brands. The logo, colors, slogan, and literature used in your display must accurately reflect your brand image so that you are instantly recognizable. In addition, any new customers you meet at the show will likely visit the company’s website at a later date, so the way represents your company should be consistent. The Expo Stand Services team will be happy to work with existing marketing teams to ensure comprehensive brand identity building.

Invest in the flooring

There are generally two types of flooring to choose from, either carpet, which is laid directly onto the concrete floor of your venue, or upgraded raised flooring, which gives the entire stand a much more professional and luxurious feel with the added benefit of being able to move around to hide all cables under the floor. The raised floor is usually white, with an aluminum ramp flanking the sides to avoid tripping hazards. Other colors are available but may cost more. 

Thanks to the professional look of the raised floor, it can attract more valuable guests because it will be clearer that you take the showcase seriously and not just do something quick and cheap; it subtly gives the impression that your business is here to stay.

Focus on your visitors

Don’t assume that the program will be as successful as last year. Do any necessary research to find out how many people will be attending. It’s not enough to assume that attendance will be greater than or equal to the previous show. The stand may be too big for the number of people present. This will empty your stand, and you’ll spend your money on something you don’t need.

Enlightenment is essential

One aspect often overlooked is lighting, which plays a very important role in the design of exhibition stands. The lamps enhance the aesthetics and, if used correctly, create different moods and atmospheres depending on the desired result. For example, a company introducing new technology may want to use recessed lighting; Give a contemporary style that coincides with a new modern product.

Consider additional lighting, and don’t rely on what the space offers. Spotlights, overhead lighting, and colored lighting are also great ways to highlight specific areas of your stand, especially if you want to showcase something special, e.g., B. a new product. Colored lighting is also a smart way to create a unique experience at an exhibition stand, especially when compared to the stands on either side.

Illustrations and graphics included

People’s attention span is limited, especially when they visit many stands during the exhibition. Images, like graphics, are a much more effective technique for quickly conveying a complex message or idea. Exhibition stand design ensures your signs are simple and well-made by using high-quality, full-size photos. Graphic design is not something you want to do wrong.

Each program has its own set of guidelines that must be followed. If your company is considering booking an exhibit, contact us today! It’s impossible to list all the tips, but we can give you a rundown of the most popular ones. We have extensive experience as an exhibition stand design and build company. Our team takes care of all aspects of your showcase, including the design, construction, transport, and other exhibition stand services. 

The Out Stroke:

Besides creating aesthetically pleasing stand designs, you need to consider the stand’s stability for the safety of those around it. When showcasing at an exhibition, check the stand’s stability to avoid accidents during the event. But in the end, it’s all about choosing the key features that best represent your product or service and making it a memorable experience. In addition, it is important to comply with the safety regulations that apply to the construction of temporary construction. 

It is very easy to overdo it by adding too much, making it very difficult for customers to understand the exhibition‘s main purpose.