The market for decentralized financial services powered by bitcoin is growing at a breakneck pace (DeFi). The proliferation of DeFi systems is being propelled forward by the ever-increasing number of ecosystem users. Marketing a DeFi is becoming more challenging as competition increases; consequently, you need a smart approach to attract more clients to be successful.

In older systems, traders were given tokens as a reward for entering their respective liquidity pools. Trading Defi Tokens for liquidity as part of your Defi development company marketing strategy.

When developing a marketing campaign, it can be challenging to decide whether to focus on active DeFi traders who can rapidly increase TVL but require large incentives or new users who can increase their knowledge of the DeFi protocol but require a lengthy conversion process and may have a low LTV. Targeting active DeFi traders can quickly increase TVL, but new users can increase DeFi protocol knowledge.

This article will examine marketing strategies that can be implemented to attract the users.

7 DeFi marketing strategies to increase user growth

1. Trading Commissions to Attract New Users

The Transaction Volume Level and the Number of Monthly Active Wallets are the Two Most Important Indicators of the Defi Technology (MAW). Any marketer for DeFi has to work toward increasing these key performance indicators. Users of DeFi systems receive tokens from the system, which allows them to improve the liquidity of TVL and MAW.

Free tokens seem like a wonderful idea, but they can harm your firm’s success because they reduce their value.

Help for your business’s rewards trading program. Customers making the most trades within a given time are eligible to get trade awards from our company, which helps contribute to your platform’s expansion. As a direct consequence of implementing this plan, increased liquidity and total value locked are indicators of the growth of your DeFi platforms, and they should entice new users to register.

These are the most effective methods for running an incentive program for trading:

  • Make trading more fun by awarding customers on DeFi development company for achieving winning streaks of a certain length (daily, weekly, or monthly).
  • Hold trading tournaments to increase the volume of business and activity.
  • Give active traders access to limited-edition NFTs and special positions on the Discord server.

2. Use of Advertisement

When most people think about advertisements, the first companies that come to mind are Google and Facebook. Although these platforms are connecting to a huge network of advertisers, there are few opportunities available in DeFi advertising. An extremely efficient marketing campaign can significantly expand the number of people using DeFi.

It’s possible that the previously listed websites need to make the most of their marketing budgets regarding advertising. Advertising that is based on cryptocurrency is very effective in this setting.

Any one of the several bitcoin advertising networks may be use to target the best possible audience for your DeFi platform. They do not limit advertising, so you do not need to be concern about the possibility of them being discontinue or having a smaller audience.

These advertising networks have the potential to boost user numbers while simultaneously lowering CPA. You can get a better return on your investment if you create photographs that are appealing to promote your DeFi development company project.

3. Use of SEO and Content Marketing

Platforms that use DeFi necessitate SEO and content strategies. Generally, marketers need to pay more attention to it because it does not directly benefit platforms. Both search engine optimization and content marketing are long-term expenditures.

You’ll realize the significance of ranking above the fold in search engine results pages (SERPs) if you consider the rise of the DeFi ecosystem over the past two to three years. Content marketing can assist you in reaching and educating your target audience if you keep them up to date on relevant topics.

This will boost user confidence and lead to an increase in the number of people using DeFi development company. By giving your visitors access to tools and making recommendations, your SEO and content marketing plan should help you become more authoritative in your specialized field.

4. Use of PR Strategy

Prospective purchasers will research your DeFi protocol after learning about it from marketing or listing websites. Your project might get more credibility if you include links to reliable websites in your marketing.

With the help of press releases, you may increase your DeFi protocol’s exposure on cryptocurrency websites without using up all your marketing money. It would be beneficial for your search engine optimization (SEO) if well-known websites referenced your DeFi protocol.

In addition to delivering value and educating clients about the DeFi development company ecosystem, highlight the goals of your DeFi platform, the collaborations that are now taking place, and the notable milestones that have been achieved. You shouldn’t just focus on promoting your organization’s goals; you should highlight how market research may be utilize to find solutions.

5. Use of Listing and Trackers Website

Sites like Defi Lama, Dappradar, Etherscan’s DeFi tracker, and Coinmarketcap are often visit by users of the DeFi cryptocurrency. These materials make it easier to learn about both conventional and cutting-edge protocols for DeFi. Make sure that your work can be found on as many Defi trackers as feasible whenever it is at all practicable.

Contacting the individuals who work for them or following the directions that they provide is the simplest way to launch your platform. When you create an account on these networks, make sure to add any relevant information to the people you are trying to reach.

Include the authors and team members of the project, the source code, and any accompanying technical documentation. Include the initiative’s goals, the sponsors, and those working together.

6. Use of Influencers and Leaders

Your brand’s reputation inside the DeFi development company ecosystem will improve if you collaborate with influential members of the DeFi community and opinion leaders (KOL). These gentlemen have the qualities that are important to win the trust of DeFi’s clients and accelerate the process of user acquisition.

The key opinion leaders (KOLs) and influencers who back your cause should assess the usefulness of your protocol for the audiences they are responsible for.

Whether you work with a blockchain marketing agency or try to find influencers on your own, you should always conduct influencer research.

It is best to steer clear of working with influencers from something other than your target demographic.

Develop an affiliate program with influential people so that everyone will benefit when a new user registers through their program.

7. Use of Referral Program.

Your customers who use DeFi are used in referral marketing to grow your business. You can encourage existing customers to recommend DeFi to their connections by using a marketing strategy known as “word-of-mouth marketing.”

Coinbase and Binance are two companies that offer referral programs to customers. For the previous two years, Cryptohopper has distributed commissions of over $250,000 to its affiliates, and 10,000 individuals have promoted the company’s services.

Make an offer that is compelling and to the point so that people are compell to take action. It is important to publicize your referral program on all of your digital properties, including your website, blogs, social media platforms, and DeFi.


Because the Defi development company ecosystem is so complicated and ever-changing, your marketing strategy shouldn’t be set in stone ahead of time. It is vital to design and implement various methods if one wishes to see an increase in the number of people using DeFi. Marketing strategies for the DeFi protocol that emphasize particular KPIs and community input will perform significantly better than those that do not.