American Murder – A Russian woman has been convicted by a US court of attempting to kill her American partner and stealing his identity.

According to the news agency AFP, the Russian woman tried to kill her American partner with a poisonous substance.

The New York District Attorney released a statement about the jury’s verdict, which found 47-year-old Victoria Nasrova guilty of attempted murder.

In August 2016, the accused woman visited the 35-year-old victim and bought a cheesecake as a gift.

The court heard that the two women were very similar at the time. They had dark hair, the same complexion, flawless, the same height and stature, and both spoke Russian.

American citizens became ill after eating the cake.

According to the prosecutor, a friend knocked the victim unconscious the next day. Sleeping pills were scattered around him to indicate that he had attempted suicide.

On returning home from the hospital, the victim noticed that her passport, employment card, jewelery and other valuables were missing.

American Murder – According to the district attorney’s office, law enforcement officials tasted the cake and tested it for toxins.

Victoria Nasrova lives in the American city of Brooklyn. He was convicted of aggravated assault, false imprisonment and robbery.

He will be sentenced on the 21st of next month to a maximum of 25 years in prison.

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